Virtual Tides

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January 2023

_/ Generative digital sculpture
_/ 45 min 04sec
_/ Ratio : 16/9    ...  1920px X 1080px
_/ 30 fps
_/ LED video wall, stereo sound.
_/ Softwares : Touchdesigner, Ableton Live

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_/ 1 Rue Boissac 1er étage, 69002 Lyon

Virtual Tides is a generative audiovisual program  commissioned by Maison Yoko. Originally created for this wellness center in Lyon, this artwork was designed to accompany clients in a meditative state during their treatments. Projected onto the ceiling of the treatment room, Virtual Tides immerses visitors in an ocean of moving textures and colors. The soothing sound design and music help clients to relax.

The artwork was created using algorithms that simulate ocean currents to generate smooth and organic movements. The colors evoke the changing shades of water, ranging from deep blue to the more colorful hues of coral reefs. The video is audio-reactive, meaning that the visual movements of the artwork are synchronized and generated by sound to create an immersive and captivating experience.

Continuing to work in abstraction, TS/CN creates aquatic forms and movements represented in a non-figurative manner, inviting the viewer to a personal interpretation as a symbolic exploration, between the similarities of the organic and the digital.

Virtual Tides is permanently exhibited Maison Yoko, 1 Rue Boissac 1er étage, 69002 Lyon.

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