Un fragment de Supernova

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January 2023

_/ Video 
_/ 44 min 57sec
_/ Ratio : 16/9    ...  1920px X 1080px
_/ 30 fps
_/ LED video wall, stereo sound.
_/ Softwares : Unreal, Ableton Live

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_/ 1 Rue Boissac 1er étage, 69002 Lyon

"Un Fragment de Supernova" is an audiovisual program that blends 3D visuals and ambient music, commissioned by Maison Yoko. Originally created for this wellness center in Lyon, this artwork was designed to accompany clients in a meditative state during their treatments.

Projected onto the ceiling of the treatment room, "Un Fragment de Supernova" guides the viewer on a journey through celestial matter. The ethereal music creation, thanks to the layers and volatile sounds, reinforces this airy feeling.

Seeking to reproduce the fluidity and beauty of the dance of the stars, TS/CN creates an immersive and contemplative experience for the viewer. The duo introduces for the first time in their artwork the use of a particle generator in a 3D engine. This device allowed them to simulate a choreographed representation of stars within a galaxy.

Using this technique, TS/CN creates a stunning visual experience in which the viewer can get lost. The particles appear to float in space, creating an illusion of depth. By creating a continuous and ephemeral movement, the artwork tends to evoke the movement of celestial bodies in space.

We are surrounded by immense and intangible celestial elements such as galaxies, nebulae, and stars. These are of such magnitude that it is impossible for us to grasp them in their entirety. In this artwork, their macroscopic representation offers a unique perspective on the universe.

This artwork is permanently exhibited at Maison Yoko, 1 Rue Boissac 1er étage, 69002 Lyon.

📃 Read our interview here : https://maisonyoko.com/blog/univers-maison-yoko/interview-artistes-tscn/

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