Fusion Flow

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March 2023

_/ Immersive and generative installation
_/ Video : 15 min 08sec // Generative program : no length
_/ Ratio : 32/9    ...  3840px X 1080px
_/ 30 fps
_/ LED video wall or Projection, stereo sound.
_/ Softwares : Touchdesigner, Ableton Live

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_/ FOR FUTURE (Paris Blockchain Week) / Elyseum Paris

FUSION FLOW is an immersive and generative installation.

The artwork evokes the process of material transformation and recalls the fluid and chaotic movements of bodies in fusion. Algorithms drive the visual composition, which constantly metamorphoses in response to the musical environment. Abstract and organic shapes come to life in space, evolving according to the intensity and power of the sound drones. “Fusion Flow” offers an immersive and contemplative experience, prompting reflection on the ephemeral nature of matter and its incessant evolution.

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