Percussive Displacement

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Au delà des Pixels (36 Degres)

Audiovisual Generative Sculpture
Ratio : 16/9  // 30 fps 
Real time digital animation on LED screen / Stereo sound
Software : Touchdesigner, Ableton Live ​

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Percussive Displacement. is generative digital sculpture. It is mainly intended to be diffused on a LED wall (or with a powerful projector) with an immersive sound system.

The project is based on the creation of autonomous audio and video programs that interact with each other to feed themselves. Each work created is the result of a deep correlation between its two mediums.

A hybrid material is formed and distorted itself in contact with the sound, generating immersive and hypnotic digital landscapes. Then each new visual texture is altering the different layers of sound already present in the composition. The audio fragments, and the sound synthesis dialogue with different video languages (2D,3D,synthesis,noise generator) using datas. The result is a vast nodal environment, where each parameter is connected to another, comparable to a neural network.

It is no longer clear who the initial composition, the image, the sound or a third party; the only thing that stay is a communication where content is developed and reproduced endlessly. These computer-generated installations propose to reconcile the figurative and the abstract, the symbolic and the conceptual. Each piece has physical similarities with the real world (impression of smoke, fire, waterfall, waves, etc.). By recapturing the proposals of the computer, the duo explores the relationship between a real representation of a substance and its digital simulation. They play with the reference points and codes of the spectator. The virtual environment disrupt the forms, volumes and spaces.

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